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Distortion and Illusion

We live in a world full of distortion and illusion from news to politics to religion to our purpose in this world.  Remember, we are collectively moving in our world from the shadows and into the light.  It is time to choose to get involved in bringing light back into our world. To bring light into our lives we must actively seek the light, the goodness, and the truth that does exist.  This task is made more difficult with all the distortion and illusion fed to us daily.

To distort as defined is to twist awry or to twist out of shape; to give false or misrepresentation. An illusion as defined is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Unfortunately, distortion and illusion are often created by trusted entities. Two examples I mentioned before were the government and the catholic church which have both the light of truth and the shadows of distortion. There are many different forms of distortion and illusion that we each encounter in our lives. The important key to remember is that distortion and illusion are used to keep us from remembering who we really are in this world. We are human beings created in and of God source such that we possess the power within us to co-create our reality, our world.

Okay, so I know for some that is a big pill to swallow. For now, just hold on to the pill and don’t worry about swallowing it. Just know that it exists and is yours for the taking.

We can’t feel our God-ness inside of distortion and illusion. It keeps us trapped like a bird in a cage with a veil over the cage unable to see past our cage. The first step to lift the veil to get outside of the distortion and illusion is to turn off the noise. Turn off the news. Turn off the television. Turn off the social media. Turn off other people’s opinions. Turn off your own inner critic, your ego. Turn off or say no to all these distractions and just live for a few days free from the noise of the outside. Notice how you feel after a week free of outside noise, opinions, and distractions. Do you feel lighter?

The next step is to say no to those tasks you do that bring you worry or stress. For the next week, in addition to no news or social media, also say no to family drama, money worries, and self-criticizing. Don’t worry they will still be there but for a week ignore them and focus on peace. Do something you personally enjoy giving yourself some self-love then feel the peace and joy it creates within you. Do you feel lighter?

This feeling of being light, of not being weighed down, is how we are designed to feel to feel the God-ness within us.  We are each meant to take some time to be alone, to go within our hearts and minds.  Unfortunately, for most of us we are so busy running on the rat wheel of life that we are drained with no time or energy left to question the outside world and go within ourselves.  Until we put ourselves first to take time to go within to question life, the distortion and illusion will continue to keep us distracted from reaching our full potential.

Notice when you took the two weeks off from the news and social media – did the world end? Did anything life-changing happen in the news or media that truly affects you or that you could truly affect? The answer is most always no. So instead of worry about something that I can’t do anything about, I chose to live peacefully by turning it off. By not being distracted I can focus on achieving something else that I am interested in that I can affect by giving it my attention, my energy.

While writing this post, I am reminded of the House of Cards Netflix series where it shows politicians creating havoc to promote fear on purpose to keep the truth twisted and misrepresented (distortion) which kept the citizens believing a false narrative (illusion) which is what the politicians needed to further their agendas.  It is amazing how often the truth is played out in a television show or movie before our eyes, yet we don’t even realize it.

So, remember that we will be manipulated and bogged down by distortion and illusion in news, media, and drama until we become mindful to turn it off. It is time to stand up against the darkness that slowly spreads through our silence, our inaction.  Just say no to the outside distorted distractions and act to turn it off. Live in your own reality – not TV reality. Stay in the light by feeling lighter yourself!



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