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We Are Light Beings

We are more than we think we are. We are more than the narrative we have heard. We are more. We are the light when we shine love and truth. In fact, we are light beings or beings of the light. The light is divine source of love, of peace, of God. We are children of the light. As such we are spiritual beings in a human body. Many are awakening to the knowing we are more than our bodies. We are becoming conscious of ourselves and of our world.

I believe we are born with this knowledge inside of us. I have written a book about this divine gift that is within us which can be used to find our fulfillment in life, our happiness, our purpose. I believe if we open ourselves up to the truth of who we are, we open a new world of peace and happiness, a new world of possibilities.

I would like to offer some different ways to connect to this truth for you to discover what connects and resonates with your soul. We are each uniquely made. As such we each learn and connect with spirit in our own way. So, here are a few of my favorites.

I love this video as it gives a broad overview and yet is detailed as to how we are spiritual light beings in a human world. It is titled “Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World of World of Limitless Possibilities” by Michael Beckwith:

This song is a wonderful prayer or meditation. It is “Open The Eyes of My Heart”
by Michael Smith:

Here is a contemporary song from the movie “The Greatest Showman” which is very profound when you listen closely to the lyrics:

In all of these we ask to be open to the possibilities. In our world today, imagine if we all “came alive” to our full potential to create a world full of love, peace, joy, and limitless possibilities.

An excerpt from my book … As humans we have the free will to accept or reject God, the spiritual realm from which we are born, and how natural laws govern our world. It is interesting to know that God incorporated the law of free will into our lives from the beginning. This was his purposeful divine design. We are born in and of God. His divine plan is we all come to know and experience we are one. Together we are the All. However, it is by our choice that we accept all that we are. God is an all loving, all-encompassing God. God will not force his will over ours. God waits for us to come to know him, to awaken to him, to awaken to all that we are in the All. It is wonderful that we can choose to be all that we are in God.

Let’s ask to have our eyes opened, ask for our hearts to be opened.

Let’s live in the light of love.

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