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Call Forth Peace

Today I am walking on the dark side. We live in duality thus good and evil are both present in our world. I choose to focus on love and light, however, that does not make the fear and darkness nonexistent. It has been brought to my attention in the past day that ignoring the dark is not bringing light to the dark. How was this brought to my attention? I believe there are no coincidences in life. All happens as it should. And when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I believe we are given divine guidance in our lives and the more we are open to this guidance, the more it reveals itself.

I was given a list of topics for my blog by divine guidance. Yes, I know it sounds a bit sketchy, but it is true. I was listening to a meditation while I was half awake and half asleep, when this stream of topics was given; and I wrote them down as I was urged to do. Since that time, I have tried to locate the meditation to review it for content in a more awake state however I cannot find it. I have checked my history logs with no success. At this point, I am accepting it as divinely given for me to pass along. So, here we are; and this is the next topic on the list. For each topic I ask for inspiration and guidance from Spirit. I pay attention to things I see, read, hear or encounter that might relate to the topic.

In contemplating “Call Forth Peace” over the past couple of days, I have been led to articles and videos discussing the need to be able to acknowledge the evil in the world. I admit I have preferred to ignore it since I do not like to go there, but then the question becomes how am I changing it, if I choose to ignore it? I guess it is like an addiction, the first step is admitting.

One resource channel I follow is the Collective Evolution. Their logical, objective, and for the greater good approach resonates with me as truth. I happened upon this video (remember there are no coincidences when working with Spirit) which started my realization that I must be willing to go there to make a difference. The podcast is about 50 minutes but well worth the time to become open to shifting your perspective:

              After listening to this podcast, I thought well that is me because I don’t like to go there, but maybe it is time to dip my foot in the conspiracy water for 9/11. Many of my family members believe 9/11 was planned and our government was in on the plan. I have a hard time believing the conspiracy because I have a hard time accepting that such evil could exist. With my new willingness to go there, I did some research.  Indeed there does seem to be an incredible amount of evidence to suggest it was a deliberate act of evil for the elite to generate hate and war which turns into more money and power. Here is one source of information that offers many other sources:

              So, what do I feel after going there? I feel anger, sadness, disgust and hatred. I didn’t want to go there for a reason. I had a hard time sleeping thinking of all the innocent lives lost, all the destruction, and all the lives forever changed … for someone else’s profit. It is sick. But if I want to call forth peace in our world, then I have to diagnosis the sickness and treat it. I must shine the light on the darkness in our world, bring the truth to the light, then call forth the peace which most all of humanity seeks.

Anger, hatred, and fighting one another is not going to bring peace. We must return to love. We must remember we are all one. We must look at the truth and learn.   We must raise one another up. We must say no to being used as pawns in this game of life. It can be a scary world which is why I have not wanted to go there. But I do believe the tide is turning. Love is returning to our world. Let’s all be of one voice and mind to call forth peace!

On the horizon is the migrant caravan and we must ask ourselves what is this about? This event was organized and funded by the top elites in the world for some reason. It was meant to be a show down. Unfortunately, continued strife and war makes money and generates power for some. What if we step out of this matrix created for us that keeps us trapped? What if money was no longer in power because it was not needed? What if we help one another as friends, neighbors, and communities? What would we do if our world drastically changed … for the better … in the long run?

I don’t have the answers. I do know that together, collectively, we can bring forth peace when we remember we are all one. When we return to love and understanding for one another. When we start seeking to serve one another versus what we can get from one another, the world as we know it will shift. So, the final question is … how will you serve to call forth peace?

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