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Lift the Veil

Happy Hallow’s Eve! This is the time of year the veil between our physical world and the spiritual world is very thin such as the veil between the living and the deceased. The Catholic church even celebrates this time of the dead with All Saints day on November 1, All Souls day on November 2, and the rest of November dedicated to remembering the dead. The Samhain, part of the ancient Celtic harvest festivals, is believed partially responsible for the Christian adoption of the holiday. This ancient festival dates back over 2000 years. It celebrates the end of summer (the light part of the year) and the beginning of winter (the dark part of the year). Many of these celebrations are tied to the harvest of crops in the fall. Winter is meant to be a time of dormant rest for both the land and the people to replenish and renew for the spring … just like a bear’s hibernation!

The thinning veil between our physical world and our spiritual world is meant to be a time of joy not fear. It is a time to lovingly remember those who have gone before us. It is a time, maybe, to reconnect with our deceased loved ones through prayer or meditation. So, I’ll confess I remain open to all forms of spirituality that focus on love and light. I do not believe there is any one right religion or faith to follow. We all need to follow what feels right and connects with our heart. Given that, I have been to a few mediums to check it out so to speak. After my dad passed away in 2011, I went to one in 2012 with my sister with the intention of connecting with my dad. I had been to this person before and found her reading to be genuine. As we began, she asked if there was anyone I was hoping to communicate with and I said my dad. He didn’t come through at first. If you have had a “reading” before you know there are other spirits who might be anxious to speak with you. My grandfather came through first. Then she asked for my dad to come through if he would like – when they say “come through” they are talking about the veil. So, in the middle of this reading (she is very laid back) she starts laughing and saying wait a minute. She says my dad is having a hard time as this is his first time through the veil and she needs to help him. Then she started laughing again saying he says he has a joke for her did she want to hear it. I knew then and there that it was my dad. He was always making a joke if the opportunity arose! His presence wasn’t there long but it was so joyful and loving. She helped him to go back through the veil then explained how he was learning how the spiritual world worked since he was fairly new and that his spiritual vibration would strengthen over time. It is through vibration that the physical world and the spiritual world can communicate. The spiritual world is a much higher vibration than the physical world. For the spiritual world to communicate with the physical world they must learn to slow their vibration to ours.

As you can see the veil between the physical and spiritual can be loving and does not need to be scary. Vibration was discussed in the last post which talked about us keeping a higher vibration to be operating from love and light. The spiritual realm is made up of love and light which explains why they are at a much higher vibration than us. There is no need to worry or be scared as a human with the right of free will, you can say only those spirits with my highest and greatest good or only those with loving intention may come through to you. You have the right given by the law of free will to say no to dark spirits or energies. It is this right to say no to the dark side that we need to exercise more over all in our world. We need to collectively and consciously say no to the darkness of distortion, falsehoods, and evil in our world. When we collectively do this while also envisioning a world of truth, light and love our world will change. Our world will shift to the light when we collectively call it forth.

We must lift the veil of the illusion that we are separate from each other and from our one God source. Accepting we are divine spiritual beings connected to God and to each other frees us from the falsehoods, doubt, chaos, and fear the dark side wishes to control us with in our world. Accepting our birthright as children of God empowers us to be free to be all we can be, to call forth and create a world of light. Choice is ours by the law of free will. We can choose differently. We can see and acknowledge the darkness in our world and then consciously choose no, consciously choose a different path based in love for one another and for all.

What would happen in our world if we were to believe this new paradigm? What would happen if we feel the fear but step out in faith anyway? What would happen if we turned off the outside distractions instead focusing on our intuition otherwise known as our divine guidance system? I am interested in what you see or think about our world …. please comment below.

I am going to close with another excerpt I had written that puts the story of Adam and Eve and the power of doubt in our world in a whole new context:

            God gave us more divinity in giving us a free will. Each of us has the free will to experience life as we choose. Yes, there are consequences to our choices and we will get into that later in the book. For now, it is important to know we live in a divine dichotomy of which we have free will which leads me to my next story. Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve. The main players in the story are Adam, Eve, God and the snake. I have heard many people’s take on this classic but only one resonated with me and has stayed with me. In this sermon, the downfall for Adam and Eve was the doubt created by darkness from the snake. Remember, Adam and Eve were not living in a divine dichotomy at that point. They only knew good. God showed them all that was theirs to enjoy and live happily. God did warn them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge for it would not be good for them. The snake comes along representing evil. The snake creates doubt by encouraging Eve to eat fruit from the tree, imagine the following scenario. Eve’s first response to the snake is “No, God told us not to eat from the tree.” The snake is cleaver and manipulative. The snake asks Eve, “Did you hear God say this?” Eve says, “No she did not hear God say it. God said it to Adam and Adam told her.” The snake presses his point, “So you don’t know for sure if God said this himself?” Eve, only knowing truth and light as this point, says “Well no I did not hear it myself.” The snake plants more doubt, “So you’re not sure God said it, maybe Adam wants it for himself. If God has given you everything here, then why not this tree? You said you didn’t hear God say it. Go ahead Eve, try the fruit of the tree there must be something about this tree Adam is not telling you.” The snake creates enough doubt and questions for Eve, that she eats the fruit of the tree … and the divine dichotomy or duality begins. Adam and Eve now know love and fear; right and wrong; joy and pain; naked and clothed; light and dark; masculine and feminine. God did not stop Eve for He gave her free will just like you and me. He wasn’t angry. He understood the consequences of the action which we are all still living today – the challenge of living in the veil of duality. It is a parable of how living simply was made challenging without accepting God as the Source, the truth and instead listening to the doubt created by the snake.

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3 thoughts on “Lift the Veil”

  1. Interesting comments. I wonder if this change and lifting of the veil is a collective or individual item, or as individuals, we will feel it separately, but it will manifest collectively, or the other way around. Time will tell.


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