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We Are All One

All humans are also people and all people have value. We all share some common ground with one another be it the fact we are human, we are male or female, we share a skin color, we share a physical condition, we share a language, we share a religion, we share a town, a state or a country, the list can go on and on. What would happen in our world if we started celebrating our unity as human people instead of our differences as human people?

Every human has a heart.

Every human is uniquely and divinely created in and of God.

Every human has a mind, body, and spirit as well as feelings, talents, and an ego.

Every human needs food and water to live.

Every human has value.

Each of us has something we can learn from the other humans in our life whether they are older or younger; stronger or weaker; outspoken or quiet; full of light or full of dark. When we take the time to find common ground with another we act with mercy and with grace. When we do this, we operate from love rather than from fear.

It is almost as if we have been conditioned unconsciously to note our differences from others. That is how we got here but now we need to take the next step in our evolution. Now we must consciously acknowledge what we have in common with others and what we share with others. When we remember we are all one, we have more compassion for each other because we can see ourselves in another. We are all made of the same essence and come from the same source.

Here is a TED talk by a leading neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, regarding the human brain which we all have. She had a stroke that resulted in her gaining divine insight into the human brain first hand. In the talk she describes how the human brain is designed to work for both us the individual and for us the collective all as one. It is a fascinating talk that only takes 20 minutes and will give you a whole new understanding of the human brain and how it works.

My Stroke Of Insight TED Talk

From the talk it is clear we are designed to be both all one and yet individuals. This is by divine design. This is God’s design for us to recognize ourselves as all one and yet separate. I think we have the “me” individual perspective down. I think we need to start focusing on the “we as one” perspective. As we begin to use more of our right brain to be part of the “all one” then our world will shift for the benefit of us all.

Here is a short Oprah clip talking to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor with her take away. Everyone likes Oprah’s simple nuggets but to understand it you will need to watch the TED talk first.

Oprah Life Class with Dr. Taylor

We are all one – by design! So, instead of black versus white; or straight versus gay; or democrat versus republican; or man versus woman; rich versus poor; let’s look at each other’s heart because we all have a heart. We are all human. We are all created equal in God’s eye. We are all in this together. We each have something to offer one another.


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