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Stop in the Name of Love

Last night after participating in the global meditation for world healing, this phrase came to my mind … Stop in the name of love, before we destroy ourselves.  Stop the conspiracies. Stop the finger pointing.  Stop the judgement. Stop the politics.  Stop crashing our lives.  My project today was to write it out.  I am no professional by any means but my whole heart was in it.  My intent is to bring ideas for our new earth out into the open for all to think about.  So, here it is enjoy!!


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You Now Have Time

The first few months of 2020, I spent reviewing and resetting myself or so I thought. Bam! Mother nature hit me over the head to say wake up! Since the Corona-Confinement, I can see much more clearly that I was deluding myself if I thought I had taken the journey within.  In my head I hear, ‘you now have time finish to finish the job.’

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get isolated enough to start to look at myself deeply since there is no one else to look at anymore. No one else to watch, to critique, to project my stuff on. Just me and my other three family members in the house with me but I have already analyzed them. We moved to the country so there is no one to watch out of my window either. The only person left to look at is me. What if this was by divine design?

What if this time-out for the human race, caused by the virus, was purposeful divine timing? What if this is the “event” that has been prophesied? The sky is still blue. The sea is not red. The sun still comes up every morning. And yet, we have all shifted into neutral. Our normal lives have been put on hold. After two weeks of staying home, in the United States,  we have now been told another 30 days.

Another 30 days to sit and ponder. Am I safe from the virus? Will I recover from the virus? How is this affecting my family and my loved ones? How do I get income if I have lost it? How do I keep a job if I still have one? I have to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. How will I survive this physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically? The answer is faith. Faith in a power higher than your own. A faith in something that cannot be seen or heard but can be felt in your heart.

Be still and know that I am God.  (Psalms 46:10)

I think this verse sums up the whole situation. We have all been made to slow down around the world. It is a global pause. A time out, for not just us, but also for mother earth as well, as we stay home. It is a time for us all to reset ourselves. Reset our way of living. Reset our way of thinking. It is an opportunity for a rebirth. Maybe, dare I say it, a new earth…

We are each being forced by circumstances beyond our control to reevaluate our lives – what we do, how we live, how we care for one another. This is bigger than politics. This is bigger than religion. You notice in both politics and religion that each has the ability to polarize humans against each other. I can’t imagine its good for us if it can polarize us against one another. It might be time to shift the paradigm. Get outside of the box thinking and look around. You’ve got the time now to do just that! Maybe that is the gift – Time. God has given us each time to stop and look at our lives. What do you see?

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to accept the divine gift of time we have each been given to really look at ourselves, our families, our communities, our country, and our world. Think outside the box, brainstorm ideas and practices, talk about the bad and the good – with yourself. The conversation is with yourself, so you are safe to speak your true thoughts. You can have silent conversations in your mind, journal your thoughts through writing, or speak them aloud in the mirror. This is your opportunity to create a world of your choosing.

Some concepts to consider and reshape. We have been doing things the same way for a long time. Are they still relevant? Are there better ways to address the same problem? Again, think outside the box.

  • When was the last time you asked yourself if you were happy? What would make you happy?
  • Do you cherish your family or tolerate your family? What would you like to see change in your family?
  • Do you belong to a community? Describe that community? It could be your neighborhood, town, church, school, work, etc.
  • How does your community or communities make you feel? Does it bring out your best qualities? What could you do differently?
  • Schools are closed and students are learning from home? What are the positives and negatives of online or distance learning? What are some ways our education system needs to change?
  • Everyone is concerned with their health and our healthcare system during this pandemic. If we started from scratch in designing healthcare how would it look? What is basic healthcare for all? What is the difference between elective procedures and required procedures? What role does mental health play in basic healthcare? What role does society play in basic healthcare? What role does government play in basic healthcare? What role does the world play in basic healthcare?
  • Looking at work/life balance the tables have been flipped in many cases. More people are working from home than in the workplace during this time. Has working from home affected you? How do you find work/life balance? What would you like to see change in the workplace?
  • In the US, our 50 states form a union under our one federal government. The original plan from our founding fathers was for the federal government to provide life, liberty, security, sovereignty for the union. Over time, the federal government has taken on more duties from the states for the states. What do you see is the purpose of the federal government? What do you see is the purpose of the state government? What is the purpose of political parties, namely Republicans and Democrats? Do political parties divide us? Is this division in our best interest? What would you change in how the states and federal government are run? How do you feel about term limits in the government? Describe your vision of good government?
  • Looking at the world, what is the responsibility for each country to one another? At the global level there are world politics, world finance, and world religion. How do these interplay with one another? How does what happens on a global level affect you? Does it matter what happens on a global level? What changes are needed globally that affects us all?

There are many more branches on this tree of life we could explore, and I encourage you to keep going as more bubble up for you in the next 30 days. We have been given the gift of time to reevaluate, to reset, to find balance in our lives, our communities, and our world.  Let’s put our gift to use! Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions in the comments below.

Let go of the differences, Embrace the similarities.
Let go of judgement, Embrace common ground.
Let go of the old ways, Embrace new ideas.
Let go of divisions, Embrace unity.

time is a gift

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You Are the Light

This is going to be a great week to get in touch with yourself through light. To come to know and see your internal light. First, is a big full moon shining spiritual energy on June 17th. Second, the summer “sun” solstice lights up on June 21st. I strongly encourage you to walk into the waterfall of light this week!

Let’s start with the full moon on June 17th. Apparently, this is a big one – there is going to be a very rare opening of light and divine activation with this full moon within our galaxy. These activations will call to our souls to awaken and to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. During this time, we become more enlightened and awaken to past pains or traumas we need to release to the light. I believe most people won’t notice or realize this enlightenment. Although they will have feelings bubble to the surface. The enlightenment comes when the feelings that bubble to the surface are looked at with new perspectives.

For example, I made a personal discovery this week in my relationships with my mother and sisters as it bubbled up this week a few different times. For some reason these relationships were many times challenging; meaning while I wanted a close relationship and at times it felt like a close relationship, many times it would be revealed to me later that is was not the close relationship I had thought. An easier analogy to understand would be Cinderella’s stepmother and her sisters. Cinderella was always trying to fit in, always eager to help, but just never made the final cut like going to the ball with the three of them. My mother always considers my other two sisters first before me. I grew up with a closer relationship to my father than my mother probably for this reason. Don’t get me wrong I love my mother and sisters, but we are just different on how we approach life. When I look back now, I see how my mother spent time with her two young daughters doing mother and daughter things like dance classes, scouts, shopping, etc. In our family of seven kids, I was number 5 while my other two sisters were number 2 and 3. I am thinking by the time number 5 came along wanting to do those things, my mother had done those things and was not interested. I didn’t get to take dance lessons. Funny enough, out of the three, I was the one singing and dancing around the house all the time. In college, I joined a singing and dancing group and felt my spirit come alive on the stage. I finally felt free to be me once I was living on my own.

Another thought bubble up to the surface this week that maybe my mother simply didn’t enjoy my personality like she did my sisters. Okay, I thought. I don’t like everybody, and I believe not everyone has to like me. I like me. So, it is okay if she doesn’t like me as much as she likes the others. I was always just a better fit with my dad than with my mom. Our personalities were more alike. We thought more alike. So, I am okay with this. I don’t have to be best friends with my mother or my sisters. I don’t have to keep trying to fit in. They call me when I can do something for them, but they don’t really call to just catch up. They want my help but on their terms. Many times, it feels like a one-way relationship. But maybe I am the one who must let it be and practice acceptance. I don’t have to be upset or bothered that once again mom went on and on about my sisters. I need to actively choose the voice of divine light over the voice of ego. I must choose to actively bless the situation and set it free into the light. And what’s more, I can be thankful. I am thankful because the events of the past have made me into the person I am today. I am happy with the person I am today. I like me. I am worthy. I am enough. (check out my last post if you missed it on being worthy and enough!)

This all bubbled up for me this week. I would have been totally unaware of it and how to look at it if I had not been tuned into Melanie Beckler and Tania Gabrielle, both of whom I like to follow on YouTube. However, both mentioned in their videos this week that the full moon energies gearing up were strong and going to bring up unresolved issues for us to look at again in the light. I was awakened to this unresolved issue. I feel I now have peace since looking at it in new light. Now I release it into the light to go forth more enlightened on my path.

So, be on the lookout for what bubbles up for you this week. Be open to look at it with new eyes. Be open to see all sides, to find a compromise, to find peace, and to release it to the light. In other words, be open to lose some of that baggage we all carry around to live lighter, to live happier.

Next, we have the Summer Solstice on June 21st in the northern hemisphere. The summer solstice is about forward movement and moving into the light. The sun will shine for the longest day of the year which also means the shortest night of the year. During the summer solstice the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year. For more information along with some creative solstice celebrations, check out this post by Melanie Beckler:

Solstice Meaning and Celebrations

With the high vibrational spiritual energies surrounding both the full moon and the summer solstice, make sure to spend some time enjoying the sun and moon this week!

When I look at nature it is easy for me to see God’s hand in life. I look with wonder at the sky. A big fluffy cloud exudes such power. The sun’s rays provide warmth and light. The vastness of the number of stars in the sky astounds me. The playfulness of the moon changing size and locations makes me smirk as I look to find it in the sky. Mother nature is our mother earth. Gaia is the mother goddess who presided over earth according to Greek mythology. Many refer to Gaia as mother earth too. Our earth is about 4.54 billion years old. She has been around longer than we have. She has seen much more than we have. Thus, she is older and wiser. Spend some time enjoying mother nature this week to get back in touch with your own divine nature.

Make a point to notice the light coming from the sun, the light coming from the moon, the light shining from the stars this week. This light shines from universal source, our God. Remember you are made in the image of God. Light also shines forth from you. You come from light. You are light. Shine your light with a smile, some loving words, a helping hand, a hug or kiss, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a prayer of blessing for another. For you are the light!

I would love to hear from you. What do you think about this post? Has anything bubbled up for you? How do you like to enjoy mother nature? How do you shine your light in this world?

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You Are Infinite, You Are A Bridge

*Wrote this in 2018, however, it is a classic message we still need to hear and accept today in 2020!*

Is it the Grinch who stole Christmas or the Grinch who brought Christmas? Let’s take a look at the Grinch from a different perspective…

Remember geometry proofs from high school? I loved them! Yes, I am aware most people did not. However, when you look at proofs, they are just logic linking one step with another until you have an answer. A logical mathematical answer that can be proven such as:

A = B, B = C, therefore A = C

Simple enough to understand. So, why do so many question their innate power as a child of God?

You are created in and of God, God is Infinite, therefore, You Are Infinite

Every religion I know accepts we are made in and of God, the source of All. We have heard there is infinite possibility available to us. This infinite possibility is not something that is available outside of ourselves. It comes from within us. You and I are the ones who call it forth in our own lives. When we operate from love, from the light, then we are in alignment with God our source who is infinite possibilities, blessings, and opportunities. This is our divine potential that is ours to use to do great things here on earth for ourselves and for others. With spiritual guidance, working from love we can do anything. Love is the path of infinite possibility. It is the direct path to realize our potential, to expand our consciousness, and to call forth infinite blessings for all on earth.

As we expand from within to open our heart to the light and to the possibilities, we grow just like the Grinch! That just popped into my mind as I was looking for the words to visualize our expansion of love. It’s perfect given the time of year. Spirit always delivers. The Grinch was closed off to love and light. He lived in the dark, in doubt, in the Illusion that nothing mattered but taking care of himself. He believed he was alone in the world which made him a Grinch. Then the Grinch was shown love. He was shown forgiveness. He was welcomed just as he was. He finally accepted he was worthy of love. Once the Grinch accepted this, his heart opened and grew and grew.

We too must let go of the doubt that keeps us stuck in place. Let go of the illusion we are limited in potential, blessings, and opportunities. Stop looking outside of yourself. Accept the fact you are worthy! You are infinite! You are loved by God more than you know! Allow these truths to grow stronger and brighter within you as the Grinch did when he realized joy did not come from things. The love and joy of Christmas was not something he could take away. If anything, he had made Christmas in Whoville bigger and brighter than ever! Open your heart to claim your destiny as the Grinch did when he opened his heart to the light of the true meaning of Christmas which is love.

As you open to your infinite potential as a child of God, you become a bridge anchoring the divinity of source, the one God, here on earth. As you open your heart, the bridge of light is complete between heaven and earth. The flow of unlimited potential, infinite possibilities, and positive change are available to you through this bridge of love and light. Your whole life can change when you open your heart to the possibilities, when you shift your perspective … just look at the Grinch!


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Lift the Veil

Happy Hallow’s Eve! This is the time of year the veil between our physical world and the spiritual world is very thin such as the veil between the living and the deceased. The Catholic church even celebrates this time of the dead with All Saints day on November 1, All Souls day on November 2, and the rest of November dedicated to remembering the dead. The Samhain, part of the ancient Celtic harvest festivals, is believed partially responsible for the Christian adoption of the holiday. This ancient festival dates back over 2000 years. It celebrates the end of summer (the light part of the year) and the beginning of winter (the dark part of the year). Many of these celebrations are tied to the harvest of crops in the fall. Winter is meant to be a time of dormant rest for both the land and the people to replenish and renew for the spring … just like a bear’s hibernation!

The thinning veil between our physical world and our spiritual world is meant to be a time of joy not fear. It is a time to lovingly remember those who have gone before us. It is a time, maybe, to reconnect with our deceased loved ones through prayer or meditation. So, I’ll confess I remain open to all forms of spirituality that focus on love and light. I do not believe there is any one right religion or faith to follow. We all need to follow what feels right and connects with our heart. Given that, I have been to a few mediums to check it out so to speak. After my dad passed away in 2011, I went to one in 2012 with my sister with the intention of connecting with my dad. I had been to this person before and found her reading to be genuine. As we began, she asked if there was anyone I was hoping to communicate with and I said my dad. He didn’t come through at first. If you have had a “reading” before you know there are other spirits who might be anxious to speak with you. My grandfather came through first. Then she asked for my dad to come through if he would like – when they say “come through” they are talking about the veil. So, in the middle of this reading (she is very laid back) she starts laughing and saying wait a minute. She says my dad is having a hard time as this is his first time through the veil and she needs to help him. Then she started laughing again saying he says he has a joke for her did she want to hear it. I knew then and there that it was my dad. He was always making a joke if the opportunity arose! His presence wasn’t there long but it was so joyful and loving. She helped him to go back through the veil then explained how he was learning how the spiritual world worked since he was fairly new and that his spiritual vibration would strengthen over time. It is through vibration that the physical world and the spiritual world can communicate. The spiritual world is a much higher vibration than the physical world. For the spiritual world to communicate with the physical world they must learn to slow their vibration to ours.

As you can see the veil between the physical and spiritual can be loving and does not need to be scary. Vibration was discussed in the last post which talked about us keeping a higher vibration to be operating from love and light. The spiritual realm is made up of love and light which explains why they are at a much higher vibration than us. There is no need to worry or be scared as a human with the right of free will, you can say only those spirits with my highest and greatest good or only those with loving intention may come through to you. You have the right given by the law of free will to say no to dark spirits or energies. It is this right to say no to the dark side that we need to exercise more over all in our world. We need to collectively and consciously say no to the darkness of distortion, falsehoods, and evil in our world. When we collectively do this while also envisioning a world of truth, light and love our world will change. Our world will shift to the light when we collectively call it forth.

We must lift the veil of the illusion that we are separate from each other and from our one God source. Accepting we are divine spiritual beings connected to God and to each other frees us from the falsehoods, doubt, chaos, and fear the dark side wishes to control us with in our world. Accepting our birthright as children of God empowers us to be free to be all we can be, to call forth and create a world of light. Choice is ours by the law of free will. We can choose differently. We can see and acknowledge the darkness in our world and then consciously choose no, consciously choose a different path based in love for one another and for all.

What would happen in our world if we were to believe this new paradigm? What would happen if we feel the fear but step out in faith anyway? What would happen if we turned off the outside distractions instead focusing on our intuition otherwise known as our divine guidance system? I am interested in what you see or think about our world …. please comment below.

I am going to close with another excerpt I had written that puts the story of Adam and Eve and the power of doubt in our world in a whole new context:

            God gave us more divinity in giving us a free will. Each of us has the free will to experience life as we choose. Yes, there are consequences to our choices and we will get into that later in the book. For now, it is important to know we live in a divine dichotomy of which we have free will which leads me to my next story. Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve. The main players in the story are Adam, Eve, God and the snake. I have heard many people’s take on this classic but only one resonated with me and has stayed with me. In this sermon, the downfall for Adam and Eve was the doubt created by darkness from the snake. Remember, Adam and Eve were not living in a divine dichotomy at that point. They only knew good. God showed them all that was theirs to enjoy and live happily. God did warn them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge for it would not be good for them. The snake comes along representing evil. The snake creates doubt by encouraging Eve to eat fruit from the tree, imagine the following scenario. Eve’s first response to the snake is “No, God told us not to eat from the tree.” The snake is cleaver and manipulative. The snake asks Eve, “Did you hear God say this?” Eve says, “No she did not hear God say it. God said it to Adam and Adam told her.” The snake presses his point, “So you don’t know for sure if God said this himself?” Eve, only knowing truth and light as this point, says “Well no I did not hear it myself.” The snake plants more doubt, “So you’re not sure God said it, maybe Adam wants it for himself. If God has given you everything here, then why not this tree? You said you didn’t hear God say it. Go ahead Eve, try the fruit of the tree there must be something about this tree Adam is not telling you.” The snake creates enough doubt and questions for Eve, that she eats the fruit of the tree … and the divine dichotomy or duality begins. Adam and Eve now know love and fear; right and wrong; joy and pain; naked and clothed; light and dark; masculine and feminine. God did not stop Eve for He gave her free will just like you and me. He wasn’t angry. He understood the consequences of the action which we are all still living today – the challenge of living in the veil of duality. It is a parable of how living simply was made challenging without accepting God as the Source, the truth and instead listening to the doubt created by the snake.

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We Are Light Beings

We are more than we think we are. We are more than the narrative we have heard. We are more. We are the light when we shine love and truth. In fact, we are light beings or beings of the light. The light is divine source of love, of peace, of God. We are children of the light. As such we are spiritual beings in a human body. Many are awakening to the knowing we are more than our bodies. We are becoming conscious of ourselves and of our world.

I believe we are born with this knowledge inside of us. I have written a book about this divine gift that is within us which can be used to find our fulfillment in life, our happiness, our purpose. I believe if we open ourselves up to the truth of who we are, we open a new world of peace and happiness, a new world of possibilities.

I would like to offer some different ways to connect to this truth for you to discover what connects and resonates with your soul. We are each uniquely made. As such we each learn and connect with spirit in our own way. So, here are a few of my favorites.

I love this video as it gives a broad overview and yet is detailed as to how we are spiritual light beings in a human world. It is titled “Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World of World of Limitless Possibilities” by Michael Beckwith:

This song is a wonderful prayer or meditation. It is “Open The Eyes of My Heart”
by Michael Smith:

Here is a contemporary song from the movie “The Greatest Showman” which is very profound when you listen closely to the lyrics:

In all of these we ask to be open to the possibilities. In our world today, imagine if we all “came alive” to our full potential to create a world full of love, peace, joy, and limitless possibilities.

An excerpt from my book … As humans we have the free will to accept or reject God, the spiritual realm from which we are born, and how natural laws govern our world. It is interesting to know that God incorporated the law of free will into our lives from the beginning. This was his purposeful divine design. We are born in and of God. His divine plan is we all come to know and experience we are one. Together we are the All. However, it is by our choice that we accept all that we are. God is an all loving, all-encompassing God. God will not force his will over ours. God waits for us to come to know him, to awaken to him, to awaken to all that we are in the All. It is wonderful that we can choose to be all that we are in God.

Let’s ask to have our eyes opened, ask for our hearts to be opened.

Let’s live in the light of love.

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Distortion and Illusion

We live in a world full of distortion and illusion from news to politics to religion to our purpose in this world.  Remember, we are collectively moving in our world from the shadows and into the light.  It is time to choose to get involved in bringing light back into our world. To bring light into our lives we must actively seek the light, the goodness, and the truth that does exist.  This task is made more difficult with all the distortion and illusion fed to us daily.

To distort as defined is to twist awry or to twist out of shape; to give false or misrepresentation. An illusion as defined is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Unfortunately, distortion and illusion are often created by trusted entities. Two examples I mentioned before were the government and the catholic church which have both the light of truth and the shadows of distortion. There are many different forms of distortion and illusion that we each encounter in our lives. The important key to remember is that distortion and illusion are used to keep us from remembering who we really are in this world. We are human beings created in and of God source such that we possess the power within us to co-create our reality, our world.

Okay, so I know for some that is a big pill to swallow. For now, just hold on to the pill and don’t worry about swallowing it. Just know that it exists and is yours for the taking.

We can’t feel our God-ness inside of distortion and illusion. It keeps us trapped like a bird in a cage with a veil over the cage unable to see past our cage. The first step to lift the veil to get outside of the distortion and illusion is to turn off the noise. Turn off the news. Turn off the television. Turn off the social media. Turn off other people’s opinions. Turn off your own inner critic, your ego. Turn off or say no to all these distractions and just live for a few days free from the noise of the outside. Notice how you feel after a week free of outside noise, opinions, and distractions. Do you feel lighter?

The next step is to say no to those tasks you do that bring you worry or stress. For the next week, in addition to no news or social media, also say no to family drama, money worries, and self-criticizing. Don’t worry they will still be there but for a week ignore them and focus on peace. Do something you personally enjoy giving yourself some self-love then feel the peace and joy it creates within you. Do you feel lighter?

This feeling of being light, of not being weighed down, is how we are designed to feel to feel the God-ness within us.  We are each meant to take some time to be alone, to go within our hearts and minds.  Unfortunately, for most of us we are so busy running on the rat wheel of life that we are drained with no time or energy left to question the outside world and go within ourselves.  Until we put ourselves first to take time to go within to question life, the distortion and illusion will continue to keep us distracted from reaching our full potential.

Notice when you took the two weeks off from the news and social media – did the world end? Did anything life-changing happen in the news or media that truly affects you or that you could truly affect? The answer is most always no. So instead of worry about something that I can’t do anything about, I chose to live peacefully by turning it off. By not being distracted I can focus on achieving something else that I am interested in that I can affect by giving it my attention, my energy.

While writing this post, I am reminded of the House of Cards Netflix series where it shows politicians creating havoc to promote fear on purpose to keep the truth twisted and misrepresented (distortion) which kept the citizens believing a false narrative (illusion) which is what the politicians needed to further their agendas.  It is amazing how often the truth is played out in a television show or movie before our eyes, yet we don’t even realize it.

So, remember that we will be manipulated and bogged down by distortion and illusion in news, media, and drama until we become mindful to turn it off. It is time to stand up against the darkness that slowly spreads through our silence, our inaction.  Just say no to the outside distorted distractions and act to turn it off. Live in your own reality – not TV reality. Stay in the light by feeling lighter yourself!



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Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

There is a lot going on in our world and the news right now that is causing concern, questions, and unrest. Believe it or not, this is a good thing, this is progression in our evolution. We are collectively moving in our world from the shadows and into the light.   Some of the shadows unveiled recently include our government, the catholic church, Hollywood, and competitive sports.

In our US government, our elected officials who believe themselves to be civil servants have served themselves to more power, more money, more deception. As the politicians gained wealth, the middle class eroded in our country as they paid the price for the now corrupt system. The establishment is up in arms over the election of a complete outsider that is not interested in playing along with their game. Our civil servants elected to work in our best interests, work against us. They try to divide us. Continued civil unrest is good business for civil servants. It is job security for them. Civil unrest keeps us confused, off-balance, so that our attention is diverted while they vote themselves another layer of protection from those they were elected to serve. Scandal abounds in our government. Luckily for them, they have the power to control our communication tools and can steer the narrative to what they want us to believe. They in effect can pull the curtain on us to show us only what they want us to see.

There have been reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church worldwide in both the 20th and 21st centuries. The Catholic Church has had many scandals born from power and greed. The Catholic Church is based on a hierarchical system like the feudal system. Money collected at the parish or peasant level is taxed and collected all the way up to the Vatican. The Vatican sits on more wealth than most countries. The Vatican owns more real estate than anyone in the world. With this wealth the Church could eradicate world hunger but chooses to hold on to its treasurers and charge its own to view them. The male dominated church has created a men’s club like no other. They anoint their hands telling their faithful they have been divinely called. A man is a man, he is human, he is not infallible. The problem is the Catholic Church has put themselves into a predicament. The Church cannot confess all their sins and tell the truth without unraveling all the secrets. The Church has held heaven and hell over their faithful to an almost mind control state. If the faithful wake up to realize this the fate of the Church is in peril. The Church prefers silence on its own sins.

Hollywood was rocked by the news which came to light in the past couple of years by famous celebrities such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer just to name a few. This trend of out of the shadows and into the light continues as the CBS CEO, Les Moonves, is out due to his own sexual abuse scandal. All that sparkles and glitters is not a fairy tale.

For over 30 years, Larry Nassar, was allowed to abuse youth in the USA Gymnastics program. Young athletes dream of competing in the Olympics were shiny and bright but come to find out had a dark side to be endured. The sexual abuse scandal in USA gymnastics is one of the biggest in sports history but certainly not the first or last. The speech given by Sarah Klein, Tiffany Thomas Lopez, and Aly Raisman is so profound that each person should watch and listen to their wise words:

2018 Espy Awards Clip

“Predators thrive in silence.” Think about that statement. When we don’t speak up against those who harm us or others, we are giving them the space and permission to continue. Our action or inaction does indeed have a ripple effect throughout our communities and our world, even through generations. It is time to stand up, to speak up, to act. It is time to choose to get involved in bringing light back into our world. It is time to stand up against the darkness that slowly spreads through our silence, our inaction.

The curtains are being drawn back on the many areas of darkness in our world. This is not a time to be fearful, for it was fear that kept many silent. This is a time to rejoice. This is a time to pull together to stand united in the light of truth and goodness. It is a time for us to be conscious in choosing how best to go forward in life. We cannot let anger and hatred fill our hearts. We must stand strong in the light with courage to accept the truth determined in our strength to remain anchored in love for all humanity. We are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

All of us includes the born and unborn, male and female, all races, all religions, all of humanity. We are in it together. We are all one. There is no need to fight one another. If we are going to fight, then let’s fight the good fight. Let’s fight the darkness and shine our light to live in the truth of who we are…