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Happy December 2020

I wanted to share this excellent message for our times. Please give yourself the gift of listening to this message to uplift and transform yourself as well as our world. Namaste 🙏🏻

From Melanie Beckler, a message from Archangel Gabriel:

Awakening, Conscious Living, Spirituality

Path of Light is the Way

We are more than we think we are, for we are made in God’s image. We are beings of the light. The issue is we have not accepted our power, our potential. We have been and are being programmed in this world to have the perception this is all there is, this is all we can do, and this is all we can have in this life. But it is not true. We each have within us the power to be all we ever imagined we could be. We are unlimited light beings created to co-create with our God a beautiful world of light and love.

Why do we not see this in ourselves? Because we have been programed since birth with limiting beliefs, rules, laws, religion, and government to be kept in the dark of our true source of power.  That power is our divine light source within us and it is a part of us just like our heart or our brain. Many are beginning to wake up to the realization that we are more than we had thought or were taught, myself included. Throughout my life I have had this inner knowing there was more. I would begin to explore this calling many times only to be distracted by another world event or another religious teaching. Each time I would slip back into the matrix of the world as we know it. But within the past couple of years, I have been able to explore deeper within myself to find the source of power which so many don’t want me to find. It is my divine light source otherwise known as my soul or my spirit or my higher self.

Interestingly enough, my journey within was spurred again without distraction after being harassed and slandered by my employer the Catholic Church. After eight years of dedicated service along with an extremely successful track record in parish management, a sacrificial lamb was needed to appease a small group of loud problem parents from the parish school. Ironically, I had joked it was my crucifixion unbeknownst to me that it really would be. The small crowd of parents didn’t like the changes being implemented to make them accountable for the cost of tuition and the state of the school. They expected the church to pay for their children’s education and to run the school without the need to adhere to any outside regulations. I became the target for their anger at being called out for their actions. They began a smear campaign against me with the diocese demanding action. They lied, they edited video, they wrote letters. Wow – now that I think about it, it reminds me of mainstream media with their one-sided story telling. Long story short, it was determined by the diocese that I was a problem and needed to go away for them to appease the parents and to remain the supreme church authority. After my duties were cut and my name slandered, I quit. I saw first-hand from eight years of church management the control the church uses over its parishioners to keep them in the dark and to keep them in their matrix. Power, greed, abuse – yes it does all exist within the catholic church. Although I believe these problems also exist in other religious denominations, in our government, in our world. I cover a few of these in the posts: Out of the Shadows, Into the Light; Distortion & Illusion; and Light Overcomes Dark.

After my church harassment experience, I became disillusioned with the religious illusion which began my purposeful journey to find my power by following the light that called from within me. I can tell you that after two years of actively following the path of light from within that I am happier than ever with more confidence and freedom to shine my light a little brighter each day. I am so grateful and thankful for all this journey has taught me and continues to teach me. I want to share with you some of my favorites from my journey to date in hopes they may inspire you to follow your path of light within…

Here are a some of my Favorite Books:

Awaken The Spirit Within by Rebecca Rosen –

Love, love, love this book!!! It offers so much insight into the spirit world, the physical world along with connecting religious beliefs.

Conversations with God Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch –

Spirit guided me to this book just after it was released which was back in 1995. It resonated with me to my core. Then another distraction in life took me down the rabbit hole back into the matrix of our programmed world. However, the insights gained from this book have come back to me time and time again.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra –

Simple quick read with very profound insight into our world and the natural laws or universal laws that govern it.

Channeling the Guides and Angels of Light by Melanie Beckler –

I discovered Melanie first on Pinterest then on YouTube. I subscribe to her blog and her videos. This book contains meditations channeled from the spirit world to guide us in understanding the light and the power within us which connects to source otherwise known as God. Her style is simple, basic, and down to earth.

Everyday A Friday and Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen –

These are Christian based books for living your purpose in life. Simple inspiring reads. For some reason I don’t like to view or listen to Joel Osteen, but I love his positive writing. I learned from Joel to bloom where I am planted – no matter where it is!

Imagine Big by Terry Savelle Foy –

Terry is another Christian writer who I discovered a year ago on YouTube. She is so motivating and inspirational to follow the dreams inside you because God put them there for a reason. She gives a lot of success tips and tricks as she goes along.

Here are a Few of my Favorite Videos:  (Sometimes I listen to the videos while driving since I don’t always have the time to sit to watch and listen.  More important to listen than to watch these.)

Crash Course of Spirituality by Mindvalley

47 minute video on thinking outside spiritual and religious paradigms

Dr. Michael Beckwith with Oprah Super Soul Conversation

30 minute podcast on the power within each of us along with spiritual discovery

Exploring the Event by Collective Evolution

48 minute video exploring from a reason and logic stance the spiritual event that so many have been talking about for a few years but has not happened and how looking through a different lens helps bring clarity to the process.

Conscious Deprogramming by Collective Evolution

7 minute video which is the third part to a four-part series, but I think this is the best summary to cover the four parts. I think Collective Evolution is perfect for the skeptic. Sometimes I am a skeptic looking for more facts to help me understand a concept or event. I have found Collective Evolution to be a neutral lens to look at deeper subjects.

It is important to remember you have the do the work. We can’t just “think” it. We have to “be” it, if we want things to change. Lastly, I would like to share with you another favorite of mine from Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”…

our deepest fear

Conscious Living, Spirituality, Vibrational Living

You Are Infinite, You Are A Bridge

*Wrote this in 2018, however, it is a classic message we still need to hear and accept today in 2020!*

Is it the Grinch who stole Christmas or the Grinch who brought Christmas? Let’s take a look at the Grinch from a different perspective…

Remember geometry proofs from high school? I loved them! Yes, I am aware most people did not. However, when you look at proofs, they are just logic linking one step with another until you have an answer. A logical mathematical answer that can be proven such as:

A = B, B = C, therefore A = C

Simple enough to understand. So, why do so many question their innate power as a child of God?

You are created in and of God, God is Infinite, therefore, You Are Infinite

Every religion I know accepts we are made in and of God, the source of All. We have heard there is infinite possibility available to us. This infinite possibility is not something that is available outside of ourselves. It comes from within us. You and I are the ones who call it forth in our own lives. When we operate from love, from the light, then we are in alignment with God our source who is infinite possibilities, blessings, and opportunities. This is our divine potential that is ours to use to do great things here on earth for ourselves and for others. With spiritual guidance, working from love we can do anything. Love is the path of infinite possibility. It is the direct path to realize our potential, to expand our consciousness, and to call forth infinite blessings for all on earth.

As we expand from within to open our heart to the light and to the possibilities, we grow just like the Grinch! That just popped into my mind as I was looking for the words to visualize our expansion of love. It’s perfect given the time of year. Spirit always delivers. The Grinch was closed off to love and light. He lived in the dark, in doubt, in the Illusion that nothing mattered but taking care of himself. He believed he was alone in the world which made him a Grinch. Then the Grinch was shown love. He was shown forgiveness. He was welcomed just as he was. He finally accepted he was worthy of love. Once the Grinch accepted this, his heart opened and grew and grew.

We too must let go of the doubt that keeps us stuck in place. Let go of the illusion we are limited in potential, blessings, and opportunities. Stop looking outside of yourself. Accept the fact you are worthy! You are infinite! You are loved by God more than you know! Allow these truths to grow stronger and brighter within you as the Grinch did when he realized joy did not come from things. The love and joy of Christmas was not something he could take away. If anything, he had made Christmas in Whoville bigger and brighter than ever! Open your heart to claim your destiny as the Grinch did when he opened his heart to the light of the true meaning of Christmas which is love.

As you open to your infinite potential as a child of God, you become a bridge anchoring the divinity of source, the one God, here on earth. As you open your heart, the bridge of light is complete between heaven and earth. The flow of unlimited potential, infinite possibilities, and positive change are available to you through this bridge of love and light. Your whole life can change when you open your heart to the possibilities, when you shift your perspective … just look at the Grinch!


Conscious Living, Spirituality, Vibrational Living

Remain in Light & Peace

It has been challenging for me, lately, to remain in light and peace even though I know to let go and focus on the light. We are in the process of closing a home loan and everyday there seems to be one more piece of paper needed by the bank. It is a long tedious process thanks to new rules and regulations designed to protect – protect what I am not sure. More regulation to protect me is the narrative although I am not feeling the benefit, but I am feeling the invasion into our private financial lives along with the work to produce the audit trial of every financial transaction in our history. Outside of work and family there are other demands on our time and energy that sometimes we become weighted down. We need to lighten our load in life. We need to find our joy.

When everything seems a challenge, we need to step back, reevaluate and go within ourselves. We need to consciously choose light and peace. I am reminding myself of this as I send the same document to the bank for the third time! I am reminding myself of this as I turn the channel from the news to a comedy show because I would rather be happy then weighted down with negative news. Have you ever noticed it is almost always negative news? Why is that? To keep us focused on the negative? Let’s focus on the positive for a change.

For every burden there is a blessing. It is my choice to focus on the burden or the blessing. I choose the blessing. I choose to give thanks for every life lesson I have lived has brought me to this moment. This was vividly brought to life for me last February when our house flooded. Working plumbing and a flushing toilet are true blessings, believe me I know after living without them for 2 weeks. I say thank you every day for a flushing toilet now! There are many in our world who don’t have access to working plumbing. It is a gift and if you have it give thanks for this blessing in your life. It took six months after the flood for our lives to get back to normal and ours was a small flood compared to other natural disasters. For many affected by a natural disaster it will take years to recover, for things to return to normal.

Imagine all those affected by hurricane Michael whose lives have been turned upside down after the storm. They can be bitter from the loss or thankful for what was saved. The good in people always seems to shine through in a crisis. This just might confirm the fact we are light beings born of pure good, our divine nature. As humans we are all connected, we are all one. I believe by human nature we strive to help one another, to raise each other up. Some physically help clean up the mess and rebuild. Some financially help by donations. Some spiritually help by prayers of strength and support. All forms of support are important for each drop creates a ripple effect in our world to spread light, love, and peace.

When we operate from light and peace, we shine our light into the world. We remain connected to our source, to God through our thoughts, actions, and intentions. Our lives begin to flow more easily when we operate from light and peace. Life begins to sychronistically fall into place when you are in the flow of source, of light and peace. So, the next time life gets you down, remember to take a step back. Breathe. Re-evaluate the situation. Ask for divine guidance and support. Take a minute to feel your source of light and peace from your heart center. Now take your next step…

Father of All,

I ask you to be with me now, to guide me now, to strengthen me now,

Thank you for all the blessings in my life,

(if I can’t see them, then please open my eyes to them)

And so it is, Amen.

Collective Consciousness, Conscious Living, Spirituality

We Are Light Beings

We are more than we think we are. We are more than the narrative we have heard. We are more. We are the light when we shine love and truth. In fact, we are light beings or beings of the light. The light is divine source of love, of peace, of God. We are children of the light. As such we are spiritual beings in a human body. Many are awakening to the knowing we are more than our bodies. We are becoming conscious of ourselves and of our world.

I believe we are born with this knowledge inside of us. I have written a book about this divine gift that is within us which can be used to find our fulfillment in life, our happiness, our purpose. I believe if we open ourselves up to the truth of who we are, we open a new world of peace and happiness, a new world of possibilities.

I would like to offer some different ways to connect to this truth for you to discover what connects and resonates with your soul. We are each uniquely made. As such we each learn and connect with spirit in our own way. So, here are a few of my favorites.

I love this video as it gives a broad overview and yet is detailed as to how we are spiritual light beings in a human world. It is titled “Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World of World of Limitless Possibilities” by Michael Beckwith:

This song is a wonderful prayer or meditation. It is “Open The Eyes of My Heart”
by Michael Smith:

Here is a contemporary song from the movie “The Greatest Showman” which is very profound when you listen closely to the lyrics:

In all of these we ask to be open to the possibilities. In our world today, imagine if we all “came alive” to our full potential to create a world full of love, peace, joy, and limitless possibilities.

An excerpt from my book … As humans we have the free will to accept or reject God, the spiritual realm from which we are born, and how natural laws govern our world. It is interesting to know that God incorporated the law of free will into our lives from the beginning. This was his purposeful divine design. We are born in and of God. His divine plan is we all come to know and experience we are one. Together we are the All. However, it is by our choice that we accept all that we are. God is an all loving, all-encompassing God. God will not force his will over ours. God waits for us to come to know him, to awaken to him, to awaken to all that we are in the All. It is wonderful that we can choose to be all that we are in God.

Let’s ask to have our eyes opened, ask for our hearts to be opened.

Let’s live in the light of love.