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Remain in Light & Peace

It has been challenging for me, lately, to remain in light and peace even though I know to let go and focus on the light. We are in the process of closing a home loan and everyday there seems to be one more piece of paper needed by the bank. It is a long tedious process thanks to new rules and regulations designed to protect – protect what I am not sure. More regulation to protect me is the narrative although I am not feeling the benefit, but I am feeling the invasion into our private financial lives along with the work to produce the audit trial of every financial transaction in our history. Outside of work and family there are other demands on our time and energy that sometimes we become weighted down. We need to lighten our load in life. We need to find our joy.

When everything seems a challenge, we need to step back, reevaluate and go within ourselves. We need to consciously choose light and peace. I am reminding myself of this as I send the same document to the bank for the third time! I am reminding myself of this as I turn the channel from the news to a comedy show because I would rather be happy then weighted down with negative news. Have you ever noticed it is almost always negative news? Why is that? To keep us focused on the negative? Let’s focus on the positive for a change.

For every burden there is a blessing. It is my choice to focus on the burden or the blessing. I choose the blessing. I choose to give thanks for every life lesson I have lived has brought me to this moment. This was vividly brought to life for me last February when our house flooded. Working plumbing and a flushing toilet are true blessings, believe me I know after living without them for 2 weeks. I say thank you every day for a flushing toilet now! There are many in our world who don’t have access to working plumbing. It is a gift and if you have it give thanks for this blessing in your life. It took six months after the flood for our lives to get back to normal and ours was a small flood compared to other natural disasters. For many affected by a natural disaster it will take years to recover, for things to return to normal.

Imagine all those affected by hurricane Michael whose lives have been turned upside down after the storm. They can be bitter from the loss or thankful for what was saved. The good in people always seems to shine through in a crisis. This just might confirm the fact we are light beings born of pure good, our divine nature. As humans we are all connected, we are all one. I believe by human nature we strive to help one another, to raise each other up. Some physically help clean up the mess and rebuild. Some financially help by donations. Some spiritually help by prayers of strength and support. All forms of support are important for each drop creates a ripple effect in our world to spread light, love, and peace.

When we operate from light and peace, we shine our light into the world. We remain connected to our source, to God through our thoughts, actions, and intentions. Our lives begin to flow more easily when we operate from light and peace. Life begins to sychronistically fall into place when you are in the flow of source, of light and peace. So, the next time life gets you down, remember to take a step back. Breathe. Re-evaluate the situation. Ask for divine guidance and support. Take a minute to feel your source of light and peace from your heart center. Now take your next step…

Father of All,

I ask you to be with me now, to guide me now, to strengthen me now,

Thank you for all the blessings in my life,

(if I can’t see them, then please open my eyes to them)

And so it is, Amen.

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