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Rest in the Divine, Not in the Illusion

There is much talk about this October in the year 2018. Some say there is no coincidence to all that is happening in our world currently. Did you know October is National Preparedness Month? I didn’t. I just learned that in September. Now we have a Presidential Emergency Broadcast available that was tested yesterday October 3rd to allow our president to reach us directly in case of a national emergency. Just what are we preparing for this month?

Well there is certainly no shortage of conspiracy theories regarding what is called the deep state or the cabal. I am not quite sure what to believe in those theories. What I do know for sure is that dark corruption has eaten its way into the government, the church, the education system, into our everyday lives. Much of it is has been brought to the light recently while there is still more being unveiled.

What am I to believe? What am I to prepare for? I always come back to the light, to goodness, to God. When I place my worries in the hands of the divine I find peace otherwise I find myself living in fear of the unknown. While I may not know what is to come, I know that choosing to live in divine light gives me a sense of ease that all will be as it should. The best way I know to prepare for the unknown is to rest in the divine through prayer, through meditation, through music, by spending time in nature or any setting that brings me peace.

This reminds me of myself about 20 years ago, I used to watch the shows Dateline or 20/20. At that time my husband traveled for work regularly and I was home alone with the kids. I would regularly spook myself after watching those shows. One day I made the decision to stop watching those shows. Within a few weeks I no longer felt the unease and worry watching those shows had created for me. To this day I pay attention to the shows I watch and how they make me feel afterward. If I don’t feel at peace, then I don’t watch the show. This practice of turning off tv, movies, radio, music, etc. when I feel uncomfortable keeps me lighter, happier in life.

Divine = Light, Love + Peace

Illusion = Dark, Doubt + Fear

So, during this month of October 2018, rest in the divine. Choose the light over the dark. Choose love over fear. Choose peace over fighting. Remember, like attracts like so you won’t be alone. We are all beings of the light. We are one in and of God. Let’s go ahead and prepare by lighting the way.

Prayer for the Light

I ask this day for the light of love to show me the way,

I ask this day for the light of truth to shine,

I ask this day for my heart to be opened,

I ask this day for strength, courage, and wisdom to be the best I can be,

I ask this day for peace, for us all, for the highest and greatest good,

And so, it is,


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